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 The Great Cataclysm (backstory update)

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The Great Cataclysm (backstory update) Empty
PostSubject: The Great Cataclysm (backstory update)   The Great Cataclysm (backstory update) Icon_minitimeThu Jul 25, 2013 12:17 am

The universe's greatest heroes were on the rise, tyranny of evil had been at an all time low before shade had begun to set in motion his master plan. He had planted enough false information to have each of the seven lantern corps turn on themselves, he had managed to sabotage the justice league, and ruin the Teen titans. He managed to skillfully kill off the Young Justice, Batman Incorperated... The collapse of the powers of good was immanent, the shadowlings empire would have soon risen, if it were not for the great cataclysm. Originating from Space Sector 666, the cataclysm changed every in the known universe. Lanterns had to relearn how to wield their power, Kryptonian and other solar powered races, found themselves powerless, Magic was cancelled as was every other possible source of superhuman power. Three years later, in the settling dust, the first few beings begin to reemerge for the ashes and flex their regained powers, and soon, more will follow.


The Great Cataclysm (backstory update) Th_Whenyoureevil

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The Great Cataclysm (backstory update)
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