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 Titans Tower Evaluation(Open Rp)

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PostSubject: Titans Tower Evaluation(Open Rp)   Titans Tower Evaluation(Open Rp) Icon_minitimeFri Jul 19, 2013 11:19 am

The Titans Tower would be standing tall as usual looking over west coast city, a symbol of what use to lie inside that tower, protectors and keepers of the law, it use to be a magnaficant site until it started becoming inhibatiant, there was moss covering the tower now, cracks in parts of the building, rusted metal, broken windows with the glass from it scattered on the floor, and all of this was only on the outside.

From the waters that surrounded the island of the tower a few bubbles would appear as ronas would emerge gasping for air and completely soaked, his hands grabbed the ground of the island as he pulled himself up, his mouth emitting a low chuckle as he took a moment to catch his breathe and then tilted his head backwards to see the tower, ronases appearance was rather unordinary, he wore a black T-Shirt and some ripped up jeans, his black hair had bright white ears coming out of it and from behind him was a bright white tail, those two features were the only odd ones as he had tanned skin and red eyes, he was 5"10 and slightly muscular, just enough to keep him in shape "Heh....finally made it"Ronas would say as his nose twitched, he hated the smell of wet fur and it irritated his nose a bit


http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif]Titans Tower Evaluation(Open Rp) Th_AdifferentKindofTitan[/URL]

You might think all titans dress up in the usual clothes and look good, but you are now dead wrong, As long as your good on the isnide thats all you need to be a titan, no matter if you look evil on the outside

[17:34] NyxReoxus: you
[17:34] NyxReoxus: are the scariest Teen Titan I've ever
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Titans Tower Evaluation(Open Rp)
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