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 Manhunter on Okaara

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PostSubject: Manhunter on Okaara   Manhunter on Okaara Icon_minitimeTue May 08, 2012 8:49 pm

On the desolate world of Okaara, a beat up, ancient looking "suit of armor" approached the cavern where the Keeper of the Orange Light hid his central power battery. The Manhunter was alone doing exactly as he was told by it's master, the leader of the Sinestro Corps, Shade... Reaching the cavern, the manhunter stood in front of the Central power battery broadcasting a message.

I , Shade, Leader of the Sinestro Corps, invite the Keeper of the Orange Light to pay me a visit on Qward to discuss an alliance... If you come, you may keep this Machine called a Manhunter. If You dont visit me within thirty-six hours, the Manhunter will self-destruct through the process of an Anti-matter explosion. which puts your central power battery at risk, and I wouldn't recommend touching it while it's armed... I look forward to seeing you."

At the end of the broadcast the manhunter started the internal timer, which would only be deactivated from a remote signal from Qward.
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Manhunter on Okaara
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