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 Dance with the Devil

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PostSubject: Dance with the Devil   Sat Aug 03, 2013 1:45 pm

Damian would sigh as he walked threw the darkness, his anger slowly resurfacing due to lack of control. His voice calm and relaxed as he continues to move,"I will destroy him....at all costs....." A elderly lady would then say,"at...any cost?" The elderly lady was wrapped in bandages and almost crippled looking, using a large walking cane. As she chuckled and walked up to Damian,"do you really believe, that your willing to give anything?..." As Damian would nod, the elderly smiled,"what about your soul?...." Damian went silent for a few seconds...before saying,"what's a soul of a man who is as unworthless as me." The woman get's a giant grin,"ah, I see....good. I will offer you power...in return you give me your soul...do we have a deal?" As she heald out her hand....Damian slowly took it and suddenly, he felt apart of him leave...but in return he gained something new. Some strange energy flowing into him and covering his body, he let out a gasp of fear as he slowly was morphed into....something else.

"what is this?...what did you do to me...." As he placed a hand against his face, before looking at the woman,"this is the power you asked for.....Your innate knowledge of how things work will allow you to learn how to control it." As the woman dissipated. Damian looked down at himself...then let out a scream of a dragon like creature.
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PostSubject: Re: Dance with the Devil   Sat Aug 03, 2013 8:09 pm

Warwick was sitting among the boxes left in an adjoining alley-way; he heard speech but at the time it did nothing to interest him. What did interest him however was the to go box that he swiped off a outdoor restaurant's table because the people who ordered it forgot it there. He opened the box to discover.. bread sticks.. really? They wasted a to go box for bread sticks? Well, beggars can't be choosers. He was just really getting into the bread sticks when his quiet indulgence in something edible was sharply interrupted by the bellowing of some ungodly beast around the corner.

Could it be Cadmus? Had they sent some kind of modified beast after him? Was it some sort of Joker contraption? Or maybe that shadow guy again bothering him with some other exhibit of destruction. Turns out none of those were right in particular, but it was close enough to the most former of choices by appearance that when Warwick peeked around the corner dressed in a different outfit that a few days ago, he wasn't sure whether to run and hide or observe and try and determine what was done to the creature.. humanoid.. modified.. but by what? Was it some sort of evolution at all?

If spotted, Warwick look likes he raided a Good Will's loading zone. He's wearing some 'fashionably' torn up jeans that look like on any human they would be an XL or more. He is presently shirtless but has on a similarly large sized hooded jacket worn open faced. It was dark green in color with gray lining that came up past the popped up collar into a hood with some tribal designs of a dragon head on each side of the hood, which as currently pulled up over Warwick's head. On Warwick's back was a Backpack that looked worn, but packed with some amount of stuff.
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Dance with the Devil
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