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 Backstory Update?

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What happened?
Apocalyptic event
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Universal Chaos
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other (please state your idea to either myself or jess)
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Backstory Update? Empty
PostSubject: Backstory Update?   Backstory Update? Icon_minitimeSun Jul 07, 2013 12:02 pm

Since this forum has already been abandoned once already, I will be discussing with Jess ideas of what happened between then and the "The Return" thread. But we're not the only ones with a say. This is meant to be fun for you, too. But here's the question: What happened to every one? Do the major groups still exist or do they need to be reformed? A poll is included with this so that you may vote on what we should do!


Backstory Update? Th_Whenyoureevil

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Backstory Update?
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