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 Alright time to make things awsome for the TItans

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Alright time to make things awsome for the TItans Empty
PostSubject: Alright time to make things awsome for the TItans   Alright time to make things awsome for the TItans Icon_minitimeMon Jun 04, 2012 8:59 pm

As i have said Teen Titans will be doing missions from now on and heres the first one, hope you guys enjoy and if ur confused on this go to the thread describing the missions for more details

Mission Description:
Gotham City has been having alot of ruckus lately, not just from the towns people but from other potential threats from off world. Gotham City is known for its crimes but this is a bit much so we will need a status report on the city, one member must go to Gotham city and scout the area, take notes of anything unusual and then report back(You must post in Gotham city threads your doing this and rp with anyone who responds within a day, i will be looking at the thread when u say u completed this message).

You may get me or Anise to manufacture one weapon for you or device.

Possible Teamates:
You may have one teamate with you on this mission or go alone, if you choose to go with someone then post there name when u post that you are accepting the mission


http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif]Alright time to make things awsome for the TItans Th_AdifferentKindofTitan[/URL]

You might think all titans dress up in the usual clothes and look good, but you are now dead wrong, As long as your good on the isnide thats all you need to be a titan, no matter if you look evil on the outside

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[17:34] NyxReoxus: are the scariest Teen Titan I've ever
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Alright time to make things awsome for the TItans
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