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A DC Universe Roleplay set 100 years after Mainstream Events.
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1) No one can post in an RP thread unless their character sheet is approved by the faction leader and applied to your profile by me. Any post without character info will be deleted by a moderator.

2) All ooc posts and topics not related to the forum must be posted in the OOC Corner. If they are posted anywhere else, they will be deleted by a moderator

3) Posts that utilize godmodding, powermodding, or meta-gaming WILL be Voided and deleted by a moderator or an administrator. If any posts follow such a post will (unfortunately) fall under the same fate, UNLESS they do not address anything of the post in question. We want this to make sense folks.

4) Being a RP forum, you'll need to be LITERATE and have the ability to post an entire paragraph if you are going to roleplay. This means if you are going to roleplay do not post anything like "thx", "ur" or "l8" in a rp post. We do understand that there are people with Dyslexia and that there are mistakes, however, we ask that you at least have the common courtesy to try.

5) Any explicit roleplay must be done in PMs. if it's done in a thread, it will be deleted and you will be banned

6) The Admins retain the right to ban you if they feel that you're 1) Inactive or 2) Causing trouble but only after consulting everyone else in the administrative team

7) Multiple Characters are allowed so long as they are on different accounts.

Cool Keep all drama out of the forums.If you have an issue with someone, talk it over with then in a civil manner. If you are incapable of doing this, then dont even talk to them.

9) When a roleplay is completed it needs to be locked. If you do not have permissions for this, you can 1) let an admin or a moderator know, or 2) post "((complete))" at the end. Once locked the the roleplay will remain in the forum for a week as a reference before being moved to the archive.
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Forum Rules
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