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 Missions For Us

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PostSubject: Missions For Us   Missions For Us Icon_minitimeThu May 10, 2012 7:33 pm

Alrighty all you Teen Titans out there, im proud to announce that I will be starting a thread(or multiple, still deciding) in the section of the forums for missions, heres how it will work and this is ONLY for teen titans

1.Missions will be listed in a different thread then this but in same location of the forum

2.You will find missions that are detailed out and will tell you who you have to rp with for them and they will have rewards that you get and will be able to use in RP.

3.Once you find a mission you like just post accepting the mission by an rp post(will either be written on a bulleteing board in the tower or on display by a computer).

4.once you either failed the mission or succeeded you will post on the same thread the otucome and will be rewarded accordingly.

Finnally have fun with this and please leave feed back on it and tell me any other ideas for improving the Teen Titans, im always open to new ideas
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Missions For Us
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